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About The Founder



    IL MAKIAGE (the international cosmetics company with branches in Rome, Israel and Paris) was founded by Ilana in 1972. But it was as a 10-year-old ballerina that she made her first contact with makeup. It wasn’t the lights, music, or applause that captivated her…, it was the liners, the shadows, the lipsticks and the colors that transported performers anywhere to be anyone. When an accident cut short her career as a dancer, it didn’t take long for her to set out upon a new career – makeup artistry. Makeup became her passion, color her gift and the IL MAKIAGE product line her pride. As a result, IL MAKIAGE has a palette of over 500 colors, the largest range of cosmetic colors available anywhere in the world. 

    The colors, along with the unique long-lasting formulas and textures, have made IL MAKIAGE the “makeup artist’s makeup”.

    Mary Greenwell, makeup artist to the late Princess Diana, admitted in  print that it was Harkavi who taught her everything she knew about make-up. Other famed make-up artists familiar with Harkavi’s instruction and products include Bobbi Brown, the late Kevin Aucoin, Francois Nars, Dick Paige, and the multitude of make-up artists who work in the film, TV, and fashion industries.

    Harkavi’s vast experience includes press photo shoots, film, TV, advertising campaigns, and album covers. She was the first makeup artist to have her own TV show,  and won tremendous professional and popular acclaim from it. She also authored  a highly successful book, I’ll Make You Beautiful, and is currently planning a new beauty book series.


    Among her clients, to mention a few, are: Cher, Bette Midler, Madonna, Lisa Marie Presley, Diana Ross, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Cicely Tyson, Toni Braxton, Uma Thurman, and Prince.

    She won her first make-up competition prize while still in beauty school. Years later  at Versailles, France at a highly competitive cosmetics exhibition, she won top honors from her international peers.

    Every major beauty and fashion magazine, newspaper, and publication worldwide has paid tribute to Ilana Harkavi as a trendsetter in the cosmetics industry. It is a tribute she has earned and continues to honor with her diligent and inspired commitment to the world  of beauty and its clients… whoever and wherever they are. 

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