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    • Professional Beauty Mar - April 2009 Professional Beauty Mar - April 2009. Il Makiage features in two columns withinProfessional Beauty. 
    • Professional Beauty Mar - April 2009 Il Makiage is used on the John Galliano Fall Runway show Mar - April 2009
    • In Style - Il Makiage Feature in March 2009In Style - Il Makiage Feature in March 2009 Issue with the Il Makiage Highlighter Dust.
    • Professional BeautyProfessional Beauty July Aug 2009 - Il Makiage Professional Mineral Makeup is used for Miss World Victoria.
    • Professional Beauty - Lash with Panache,Professional Beauty Sept Oct  2009 - Lash with Panache, Booked Out and Tinted Love on Page 78 - "To Suit Your Palette
    • In Fashion Trend Dec 2007In Fashion Trend Dec 2007, the beauty editors love Il Makiage Mineral Makeup for the Australian skin.
    • In the Complete Melbourne Wedding Guide Dec 2007 the beauty editors recommend Il Makiage products for brides".
    • Town & Country-Fall2005In the Town & Country Fall 2005 edition, the beauty editors recommend IL Makiage products.
    • AdoreShop-Oct05In Adore Shop October 2005 edition, the beauty editors recommend IL Makiage Eye Shadows to their readers.
    • NYTimes-Spr-2005In The New York Times Special Spring 2005 Magazine edition shows some of Ilana Harkavi’s beautiful make-up designs.
    • Ladies Home Journal September 2005In the Ladies Home Journal September 2005 edition, the beauty editors recommend IL Makiage Eye Shadow to their readers.
    • Essence-Mar-2005Essence Magazine March 2005 edition, devoted an entire page to Contouring Tips from the founder of IL Makiage, Ilana Harkavi.
    • Oprah-Mar-2005O The Oprah Magazine April 2005 edition, the beauty editors pick this month's must haves. IL Makiage Kiwi Lime Color Shadow
    • Life&Style-03-21-05The beauty editors of Life & Style Magazine in their March 21, 2005 edition, selected IL Makiage Gold Highlighter Dust as their Hot Product of the Week.
    • LHJ-Mar2005Ladies Home Journal March 2005 edition, selected IL Makiage Sage Color Shadow for the beauty editor’s must have list.
    • Glamour-Jan 2005  In the January 2005 Glamour, world famous Makeup artist Ilana Harkavi explains how to cover up a cold using White Eye Pencil and earthy tones to give you a healthy glow.
    • MarieClaire-Feb05In the February 2005 Marie Claire,the beauty editors selected IL Makiage Color Shadow in Byzantine Green.
    • Glamour-Sept2004Glamour September 2004 edition, the Beauty editors recommend IL Makiage Color Rouge Powder in Makiage Red for dark skin.
    • LHJ-Sept2004Ladies Home Journal September 2004 edition, the Beauty  editors pick this month's must haves. IL Makiage White Pencil
    • Essence-June2004In Essence June 2004, beauty editors pick IL Makiage Bronzing Essentials in Suntan to ”... warm up the cheeks instantly."
    • Marie Claire"...beauty editors pick this month's must haves. Eye do: Dust IL Makiage eye shadow in Kelly on to eye lids to make whites pop."
    • Essence"Lovely  Lips - Makeup artist Ilana Harkavi...reveals tricks tokeep lipstick on and perfect pout.
    • Lucky Magazine"IL Makiage  Color Shadow Powder in. Bright and bold, like the ripest Granny Smith apple you've ever seen."
    • Self"The Best Way to Bronze  - Circle the brush around the edges of your strokes to blend the color in well and avoid harsh lines" says Ilana Harkavi. IL Makiage Bronzer with red undertones give a rosy tint.
    • ElleIt’s just so different, says Madonna, whose IL Makiage make-up probably cost more than her whole …wardrobe.” (Madonna’s favorites? Moonstone Color Shadow and Library Colors in Purple
    • Exuberant Purple Color Shadow "Sometimes life is better seen through a purple haze. Try IL Makiage’s Color Shadow in Exuberant Purple.”
    • VogueCase  Closed…Professional make-up cases leave the artist’s studio and enter the mainstream…”
    • Glamour"To  brighten cheeks... shocking corals, fuchsia and orange blushes are huge this fall. They give that great soft overall look. Try IL Makiage Color Rouge Powder in Rio Carnival."
    • VogueEYE MAX …Code Blue - Take your lids from drama-free to eye-popping 3-D with Ilana’s intense make-up shades…. Your eyes can look bigger, brighter and altogether better.”
    • EssenceIL Makiage Beautiful Eyes Color Book shows you how to shape and enhance your peepers.”
    • BazaarShade Sessions …Color  rules at IL Makiage! After a two hour Make-up Class, you’ll find yourself blending and highlighting like a pro. You get your money’s worth.”
    • BazaarOvershadowed. Going heavy on the eye shadow - especially when it's a trendy color like pink - can be hazardous. Riviera Pink Eye Shadow by IL Makiage.”
    • NY Daily NewsPointers – Ilana Harkavi says it’s all in the contour….”
    • WWD"Known as a witty  non-conformist, Ilana Harkavi...is hoping women have a sense of humor about their make-up by the year 2000.  Hers is called mood make-up, almost ESTian in its conception. To feel outrageous, she says, is not something to be hidden - Make-up is a vehicle to get it out."  
    • EssenceIL Makiage’s  Transparent face Shimmers in Maples is translucent with gold flecks.”
    • Allure"Nars's  Makeup Case -Second Shelf - IL Makiage Eye shadows in Cognac, Raisin, Tomato Red, Shell, Beige and Gravy Brown. Third Shelf - IL Makiage makeup brushes for blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick and powder. Fourth Shelf - IL Makiage foundation in Beige, Chestnut and Porcelain.
    • press0802Il-lumination-Cosmetics mecca IL Makiage…has been a favorite of major league make-up artists since its inception…. One of its best-kept secrets: Liquid Foundation, It’s lightweight, long-wearing and feels just right.”
    • WWDlayful Pots - "Add  a shimmery finish - in shades such as Carnival Pink, Gold Dust and UFO Brass - anywhere with Highlighter Dusts from IL Makiage's spring/summer makeup collection. ”Also: Beauty Report featuring IL Makiage in Skincare.
    • Marie ClaireDramatic! IL Makiage Currant Lipstick

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